Tory Chang has been a lifelong hobby artist, but began working as a full-time potter in 2016. Their work incorporates a love of animals, fantasy, and various fandoms into sculpture on wheel-thrown functional objects.

While mugs make up most of the custom pieces, other work includes bowls, urns, tumblers, plates, soap dishes, coasters, and more.

You can find them around Sparta, TN, and traveling to festivals and conventions, mostly within the southeast U.S., throughout the year.




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The examples above are some of the freestyle pieces I have done.  Check out my portfolio for more, including past custom work.

While I am still working on building an online store, if you are interested in a custom, you can always contact me for a quote.

(This website is mostly an archive; for more frequent updates, follow me on social media!)

Coasters & Soap Dishes

Keep your surfaces condensation-free, or use as small dessert plates, candle holders, spoon rests – whatever you can think of. With or without logos. Soap dishes also available in a turtle shape.


From the smallest for your ice cream or other treats all the way up to huge mixing bowls. Unadorned or custom carving/sculpted additions available. Also available with handles for a chili/soup mug.

Mugs, Steins, and Tumblers

With handles – whether you want a short fat mug to fit under a Keurig or a tall stein for your favorite beverage, various sizes & styles are available, unadorned in different colors or with logos or custom sculptural details/etching. No handles – includes  shot glasses, small cups, and tall, elegant tumblers.


Yarn Bowls

Can be unadorned in various colors or featuring a carved/sculpted critter (cats, elephants, chameleons…)


All kinds of stuff! Lumineers, lotion bottles, pots, urns, butter bells…